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On this website you will find a selection of hats, dresses, sunglasses, active wear, hand bags, and beautiful accessories. All items are hand picked by Maui's rising star Sunny kalama. You'r purchase directly contributes to the aspiring musicians/ singers/ songwriter/ artists all across the globe and we humbly thank you. At Shop Sunny kalama we aspire to provide a youthful, luxurious, and adventurous collection for women of all ages to enjoy. We appreciate your support and look forward to making your life a little more Sunny.


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Sunny's Closet

Ditsy Floral Off Shoulder Shirred Split Thigh DressDitsy Floral Off Shoulder Shirred Split Thigh Dress

Sunny's Sport

Minimalist Large Capacity Barrel Bag

Sunny's Accessories

Rhinestone Decor Drop Earrings

Sunny's Hat Collection

Solid Fedora Hat

Sunny Kalama

  • Sunny's Hats

    A collection of hats suited for any auction. Classy and stylish hats hand picked by Sunny kalama.

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  • Sunny's Accessories

    Stunning high quality pieces of jewelry, handbags, and Sunglasses to brighten up any outfit!

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  • Sunny's closet

    All of the best outfits from elegant beach wear to active sporty attire and even adorable one pieces. Pretty much everything a girl could ever want and need.

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  • Sunny's sport

    This collection is for the sporty girls who love to look cute while doing their work out tureen. wether its going to the gym, running the beach, or just doing some at home floor workouts your bound to find something that will bring your workout outfit to the next level!

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